Gun Head Design Orhadar Superhero Costume Pattern Files

The file with the extra mask comes with another separate mask in the bottom of the file,
for people who want to have a removable mask, as you need to cut the connected mask, but still leave some neck area.

File With An Extra Mask :

Normal File :

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pattern File

1 file.

Fits anyone between 5'9" to 6'1", resizing Instructions will be sent with the file.

To be printed by the buyer.

Information specific to this pattern:

The file you get is 1 layer, but you can also ask us to remove 1 or more layers before we send it to you, for example if you want the suit without the front spider, or without the brick pattern.

Layers we can remove:
Brick pattern (blue or red)
Front spider
Back spider
Finger pads
Hand pressure pad
Muscle shading

Remember to specify in the Paypal note if you want a normal suit, or if you want some layers removed, and don't forget to specify which layers!