Gun Head Design Orhadar Superhero Costume Pattern Files

Disclaimer :

* Custom Commissions are NOT exclusive. And MAY* be sold on the site at a later date.

* Commissions may be held off from the site, by client's request, for a period of a few months. That is so the client will have the opportunity to wear and introduce the cosplay by himself\herself first.

​The commissioned pattern might be sold on the site later on, depending on demand among other things. 

* By buying any pattern you agree not to use it for profit. Re-selling of any kind is not allowed.

* The files will be sent to your Paypal email address or the Paypal address disclosed to the Paypal note.

* There are no Refunds

*Take notice that ready-made files will be sent to you within usually a day or so, but please allow a 5-10 days period of the time of purchase.