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All New All Different  Spider-man Pattern

"Spider-Bitch" Pattern

New 52 Wally West Flash Pattern

Blue Lantern Flash Pattern

Classic Wolverine Pattern

Carnage Pattern

Blue Lantern Spider-man Pattern

The Vision AOU Pattern

BvS Batman Pattern ver2

Movie Deadpool Pattern

Medusa Pattern

New 52 Superman Pattern

Spider-Assassin Pattern

Artemis Pattern

Black Bolt Pattern

Cheetah Pattern

New 52 Reverse Flash

Age Of Ultron Captain America Pattern

Falcon Captain America Pattern

New 52 Nightwing Pattern

Spectacular Spider-man Pattern

Digital pattern files

Turn Off The Dark Spider-man

Spider-Gwen Pattern

X Force Wolverine Pattern

New 52 Superboy Pattern

Silk Pattern

Weapon X Deadpool Pattern

X Force Deadpool Pattern

Ben Reilly‚Äč Spider-man Pattern

New 52 Batman Pattern

New 52 Flash Pattern

Ant-Man Pattern

Ultimate Powerman Pattern

Sodam Yat Green Lantern Pattern

Kyle Rayner Green Lantern Pattern

Iron Spider Pattern

Drax The Destroyer Pattern

Big Time Spider-Man Pattern

Miles Morales Spider-Man Pattern

Cortana - Halo 4 Pattern

 Batman - Dawn Of Justice Pattern

 Spider-Man India Pattern

Power Rangers Pattern

AvX Quicksilver Pattern

Red Hood Undersuit Pattern

Classic Deadpool Pattern

Captain America Pattern

Classic Superior Spider-Man Pattern

Man Of Steel Pattern

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Welcome to Gun Head Design!

Here you can buy all kinds of costume pattern files.

Please take note that we only sell digital files, and not full sewn costumes.

Scarlet Spider Pattern

Classic Black Symbiote  Pattern

Symbiote Pattern

Batman Beyond Pattern

Punisher Pattern

Video Game Deadpool Pattern

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Pattern

Superior Spider-Man Pattern

Spider-Man 2099 Pattern

Pattern Files

Spider-Man Pattern

* By buying any pattern you agree not to use it for profit. Re-selling of any kind is not allowed.

* The files will be sent to your Paypal email address or the Paypal address disclosed to the Paypal note.

* There are no Refunds

*Take notice that the files will be sent to you within at least 10 days of the time of purchase.

* Custom Commissions are NOT exclusive. And MAY be sold on the site at a later date. for more info contact through Facebook.